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How to Build a Mac OS X Client Home Server

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This material is open source and free to copy, teach and/or modify according to your needs. It follows the main principals of OER, Open Educational Resources philosophy and it’s policies.

Hello and Welcome to our online course!

This course is for anyone that wants to learn the fundamentals of having a home server. The course is geared for the Mac OS X Client computer (…and, client means any computer running the Mac OS X operating system) but you probably can use many sections of this course for Windows and Linux. All software mentioned on this course is open source and available both for Windows and Linux.

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* For those that are interested in this course, if you continue reading the material, you will find out how to access this open-source material without having to join the Internet Society.

I will try my best to not overwhelming you initially with tons of information. At the course ends, we will advance towards extra technical topics.

Some of you might ask the question?

  • Why should I have my server and hold the responsibility of maintaining if I can have a Cloud Server and just run my enterprise from there?

Yes, many of you will probably choose to run a cloud server where someone else will be holding your data. However, learning how to have your server it is fun and it could be cheaper in the long run.

First, You do not need to pay for space, you can use your own space. In a cloud server, you will be going to have to trust the platform of this cloud server and you are going to have to learn sharing permissions and file encryption. If you make a mistake uploading a sensitive document with the wrong permissions, you are screwed.

The other main advantage of running your server is that you will learn a lot, especially in the area of cybersecurity. What other people teach on the theory you will experience in practical, empirical ways through administrating your server every day.

Besides, I do not have a problem if you decide to run your server in the cloud. There is some open-source software you can access to achieve your goals. I do not advise to get any proprietary software unless you have a basic business income and a budget to invest.

For single individuals, I like very much NextCloud. They are open source and give you some space for free to start. NextCloud gives you 5 GB of free space (with a server indication) and I think that is enough for a single person to start to play with it. If you start to grow beyond that cap, you will need to pay for more space.

This class is about learning how to build your server at home!

The cheapest way to run a server and serve some domains plus websites. You will learn how to serve 3 or more different domains with one single ip address. For that, you should learn your limitations and your software configuration. This class will greatly speed up your knowledge on the subject.

Ready! Ok, let’s go!;